Winter is not a time most people think about canoeing. However, there are a few thing to think about during the coldest season of the year.

People who canoe are, many times, adventurous by nature. They explore and they look for things they haven’t seen before. They want to experience life to its fullest. That being said, canoeing isn’t only for the warm months. As long as the person dresses warmly there should be nothing to worry about. After all, these people aren’t swimming. That would be an entirely different type of person.

Think also about people who ski or snowboard. They are outside in often freezing temperatures! I’ve always been a snowboard and I can attest to this. The good thing about snowboarding in the cold is that you eventually warm up. How does this happen?

Think about all the movement the snowboarder must do while they glide down the mountain. Snowboarding is exercise! And then think about them doing this all day long. Soon, they will warm up naturally. Canoeing is the same way. This might be even more true in a canoe.

The person rowing expends energy. This not only burns calories but also makes the person heat up. After a couple hours of doing this, it is no longer cold outside! Imagine, the person becomes their own heater. If they dress warm, they’ll warm up even faster.

When not exercising, the person would normally be cold outside. This is the same for a home. A home with good a heating system won’t do much if there is an air leak in the windows. To see what some quality windows look like, visit the following website:

So, there are ways to stay warm inside the house and even outside the house. Just plan for both to live in comfort!